How did it all start?
As with many things in life, our journey began with a small problem that grew bigger, one design at a time. 
This is how our story started.
We all love Canva. It's building speed, it's simplicity and the possibility to create such beautiful professional designs in seconds! And don't get us started on it's amazing designer community always ready to share ideas, offer inspiration and give feedback on each others work!

Everything that we design is designing us back. Jason Silva

Despite this appreciation, as a team that often collaborates with others on designs built with Canva, we were constantly asking ourselves.

Why save all this time and effort designing with Canva only to lose it when we create our draft design and have to leave the application so others can review and give us feedback?

The review phase of our designs often involve two steps: Review and Feedback Cycles and Final Proofreading.

Review cycles can include multiple drafts, extensive conversations  with collaborators and frequent request for modifications of the design until a final version is agreed upon.
Once we have this final version we go through a detailed proofreading step to make sure that we catch any spelling mistakes, language is consistent and that the documents are ready to publish or present.

All these activities happen outside of Canva, across multiple sharing and communication platforms. Completing this process often takes away many hours of our day and interrupts our workflow.

So we began working on 'Timewise Reviews' in response to a question that could change our lives forever...

Could we find a faster, smarter way to review our Canva designs without losing so much time and without going a bit insane?

The problems we are focusing on

We use Canva on a daily basis to create all sorts of communication, training and marketing materials for ourselves and for clients. However, once we create an initial design and need others to review or proof read it before release, we cannot do this satisfactorily within Canva itself. We therefore need to step out of Canva to complete this process and this is causing us major frustration.

Our key pain points today revolve a series of things:

1. Gathering client feedback and facilitating reviews from people who do not have a Canva Account
2. Understanding, identifying, and interpreting requests for design changes
3. Exchanging information and resources linked to the design
4. Wasting time and effort by fiddling around with many platforms to achieve one goal - get our design reviewed.
  • When we share a design in Canva in a way that it cannot be edited (view only) reviewers can't leave feedback on it.
  • When we share a design in a way that it can be 'edited' we risk the reviewer moving, modifying or even deleting elements of the design.
  • When reviewers start leaving comments in elements and the conversation thread becomes long, all comments slide off the pages and it's very difficult to locate where the feedback belongs to.
  • We can't add attachments to the comment thread so reviewers can't offer options for images or videos.

  • The comments feature is great but mostly for general simple feedback. It is not sufficient for longer text based designs where punctual editing and proofreading is required.
  • We spend too much time downloading, uploading designs into third party systems (e.g. google drive), or adding screenshots in Word / PP docs so reviewers can track changes, proofread and request additional changes.
  • We don't have one consolidated space (clear folder structure) where we can track draft versions and find feedback quickly.

Do any of these challenges sound familiar to you?

If they do, why not join us and help us build a Canva extension tool that can add even more power to your design!


I'm interested. Keep me updated.

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Timewise Reviews is an initiative born from our work with Briefboards
(A content revision and communication application for elearning).

We are using our past work with Briefboards to develop a Canva Publishing Extension that can create a similar digital review experience for our Canva built designs!

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